CCTV inspection vehicle IBAK Argus4

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, equipped with an ARGUS 4 EEX camera by the world leader - IBAK Kiel, Germany.
The vehicle contains all necessary equipment for CCTV sewer inspection - camera, winch, 350m cable drum, control module with analog and digital video recorder, PC with specialized reporting software.
The system is operated by two engineers, which have been trained in Germany.

IBAK Argus4
IBAK Argus4
IBAK Argus4
The camera tractor is equipped with a full range of accessories - different size tires and additional lighting. It can inspect sewers with diameters from DN200 up to DN1600. The camera can pan, tilt and swing, which allows detailed investigation of pipe connections and defects.
The length counter is accurate up to 5cm, which allows the creation of a very detailed plan of the inspected section, showing exact locations of house connections and defects along the pipeline.
Additional functions
The camera is equipped with a gyro-sensor to measure slope - this allows the creation of an accurate chart for the slope change in every point, along with an accurate longitudnal profile of the section.
The system is EEX certified, which ensures safe work in explosive environment – garbage depots, industrial sewers, etc.

Video recording

Video recordings from the sewer inspections in DVD quality MPEG-2 format are burnt on a disc


Reports from the CCTV inspection with a plan of the investigated section, location and severity of all defects, according to EN13508-2


Reports with color photos, showing important details in the investigated section


Slope change chart and real longitudinal profile of the investigated section

Google Earth

If needed the inspected sections can be plotted on a Google Earth satellite image in KML/KMZ file format

Multiple languages

The documentation can be prepared in multiple languages - Bulgarian, English, German and others

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