Frequently asked questions

Is cleaning of the sewer necessary?
Yes. Even if the camera tractor is able to move in the pipe, when it is not cleaned most of the defects will remain invisible. Cleaning of the sewer before the video inspection is strongly recommended.
Do you need to divert the water?
In general no. Defects on the bottom of the pipe are usually visible even if the inspected pipe is up to 10-15% full. If the water level in the pipe is more than 15% of its height, the Employer should decide if the information collected from the inspection meets his requirements.
Is the sewer depth important?
No. The camera tractor is lowered in the starting manhole by means of an electrical winch and propels itself autonomously in the pipes.
What diameters can be inspected?
The equipment we use allows us to inspect sewers with diameters of DN100 up to DN1600.
How do you calculate the price?
The price depends on several parameters - the layout of the sewer, the presence of cascading manholes and others. The diameter is of almost no importance. Please contact us to get the best solution for your specific project.
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