телевизионна инспекция на канал фирма


Our first IBAK Argus4 mobile laboratory

видео инспекция на канал цени


Our IBAK Argus4 and Sirius mobile laboratory.

видео инспекция с прибутваща камера
Vivax vCam push-rod camera
БДС EN13508-2

Reports according to EN13508-2

Comprehensive information for all defects, additional slope measurments.

инспекция софтуер канализация

Bulgarian version of PIPEX

Precise measurement of deformations, defects and water level with graphical calculations

Заснемане на канал с камера видео
Professional services - trained personnel and original equipment

VodokanalTV is the first IBAK Argus4 mobile laboratory in Bulgaria

CCTV inspection is a valuable tool for investigating old sewers, for acceptance of newly built sewers and also for condition assessment before and after cleaning or rehabilitation.
Application for newly built sewers
CCTV inspection is extremely valuable to the Employer and Supervisor, who need to document the condition of the newly built sewer before accepting the construction works. We prepare reports according to EN13508-2, which expressly show the quality of construction works. The meeting of the design requirements is also assessed, using the optional slope measurement and real longitudinal profile of the investigated section.
Application for existing/old sewerage
CCTV inspection is particulary useful for assessing the condition of old sewers, which are designated for rehabilitation or replacement. We prepare reports according to EN13508-2, which clearly show all important details in the investigated section - defects, house connections and real slope. Using this information a designer can prepare the best engineering solution with respect to the real conditions.

Only CCTV inspection gives you a good picture about what is going on in the sewers:

Изядена тръба

HDPE pipe eaten by rats

Деформация HDPE

Deformed HDPE pipe

Излязъл уплътнител

The seal of a PVC pipe is not properly installed


Rebar entry through the HDPE pipe


The inner layer of a corrugated HDPE pipe is torn


Squashed HDPE pipe

Изядена тръба

Corrugated HDPE pipe eaten by rats

Стърчащо отклонение

Wrongly installed house connection

Пукнатини GRP

Cracks in GRP pipe due to faulty installation

Счупено PVC

Broken PVC pipe

Скъсване HDPE

The inner layer of a corrugated HDPE pipe is torn


Cracked ceramic pipe under a busy street


Stones in a newly built sewer


Collapse of part of the sewer

Нарушена цялост

Damaged concrete pipe

Забравена монтажна смазка

Workers have forgotten lubricant in the pipe

Real defects in newly built sewers
Comprehensive documentation

All of the sewer sections in the film have been approved by the Supervisor and payed in full by the Employer. The cost for CCTV sewer inspection is insignificant, compared to the cost for repair or rehabilitation of the faulty pipes.

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