Push-rod camera VIVAX vCam

Push-rod camera VIVAX vCam from the leading US company - VIVAX. The equipment consists of a camera head, mounted on a 60m push-rod, controlled by an electronic module with video recording capabilities.
It is suitable for CCTV inspection of short sections up to DN300(if the pipes have a light coloured inner layer). The eventual defects cannot be inspected in detail in larger diameter pipes.

Камерата е снабдена с жиро-сензор, който се грижи картината да е винаги в изправена позиция. Разстоянието се измерва посредством вграден електронен брояч, но поради гъвкавата струна, която се използва за пробутване може да се приеме, че точността на измерването е около +/- 0,5м. Трябва да се има предвид, че измереното разстояние включва и вертикалните чупки в тръбите.
Additional functions
The camera head is equipped with an integrated radio transmitter, which works at three preset frequencies. That allows for the precise location of the camera head at any time using a standard locator tool.
This ability is particulary helpful if you need to trace an unknown route, or if the precise location of defects, or connections in non-straight sections must be marked on the terrain.

Video recording

Video recordings from the sewer inspections in DVD quality AVI format are burnt on a disc


A plan showing camera entry points, along with diagnosed defects, connections and interesting locations


Reports with color photos, showing important details in the investigated section


Thanks to the integrated radio frequency transmitter the defects and interesting points can be easily located and marked on the ground

Google Earth

If needed the inspected sections can be plotted on a Google Earth satellite image in KML/KMZ file format

Multiple languages

The documentation can be prepared in multiple languages - Bulgarian, English, German and others

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